It was a warm day, just good day to go on a picnic. Insted of going picnic, I and ewc classmates went to DoBong mountain. Actually, at first, I didn’t knew that we had to ride on a subway, so when we were going to mountain, I was bit worried that maybe that was far from library. When we arrived, there were many person. Some of them seemed to go to the mountain, too. I had many strange(?) things at the startline at the mountain. It was, fishes , octopus, I thought why the sea food is at here? ,so I started to find the foods can in there, but there was just some Chinese foods, and even quail meat.At first, quail meat seemed as some chicken, but it wasn’t. I don’t knew who told me, anyway, someperson told me it was quail. I even had a pity of them, because once, I had grown some quail sincse they were eggs. Seeing lot of things and talking, we saw a river. Many people were resting at ther, and we stoped , too. I sat on the stair, and drinked my cola, and I got…, well, I was angry at my cola. Do you kow why? It tasted soooooo bad. It tasted like I mixed the coca cola and melted cheese. But then, the wind was so cool, the view was kind of good, and with some man’s guitaring sound and song, I felt so comfortable. I thought maybe It will same as the feeling that eating the icecream at hot, sweaty summer…, and we kept going. Of course, we were not climbing the mountain, but I didn’t felt as I was at mountain. We talked about seeing things, about my strange cola, and lots and lots of thing. Even I was not talking it by Korean , I had fun. Lots of fun. Oh! I almost forgot my sad event that I almost had to dance. I used the Korean by forgetting that I have to use english, (It’s kind of rule) I was soooo embrassed at then. Luckrly, I didn’t had to dance. Phew, maybe you will do not think It’s not embarssing as much, but it is. very!!!. Many people staring at me, because of the music that ‘B’ person made it playing, and it was mountain, so there were many people. Just do it once, and you’ll know it. Now, Lets go back to what I was saying. We saw a some program that checking how much people went the mountain, so I passed that machine. I got very intrested, but I didn’t had much time to check it, and see it minutely, so I just left it. On the way home, I was bit tired, but I remembered the mountain. I was fun at the way, too. (except I went gigling, and some person stared at me.


One thought on “Walking at the Do-Bong Mountain

  1. I’ve lived in Wolgye for one year and just found this blog today! I’m leaving here on Wednesday 26 – is anything fun happening before then? (Because I never found anything fun this past year in Wolgye…)

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