Pretend to be a reporter, and make Zion a celebrity!! 😛

제목 없음

 Internet and televisions are always hot, because there are so many current topics. Among the topics, there are always some about celebrities. It could be a beautiful actress, the hottest singer, the most famous athletes, or other famous people. However this interview is not just for celebrities it’s for everybody. Therefore, today I became a daily reporter and interviewed Zion, my fellow EWC member. I’ve never talked a lot with her before, however I decided that I would learn a great deal of information about her.

 Before the interview, Zion was just a girl in our club. The things that I knew about her were her age, the place where she lived when she was very young, and that’s all. Maybe I could also include her cellphone number that is recorded in my contact list. There were many occasions in which I could have learned more about her, but we did not inquire about each other before. I never thought about it  till now,. Anyway, I had only a half hour to ask and listen to her. In addition, I had to choose a topic that I want to learn about her. There were no clues of how to and what to interview her.

 We started from the very beginning, one of the most standard questions “What is your nick name?” She has a flood of nicknames. She has been called many things for example,  kangaroo and koala, famous people like Bang-Ye-Dam, and the character  Princess Jasmine, lover of Aladdin. She said she also liked Korean traditional masks named Ha-Hoe-Tal. After I heard them all, I felt all the people in the worlds thoughts were similar, because I could sympathize with her thoughts. Then I asked about her favorite singer. She answered “Teentop.” As soon as she said it, I remembered that I have heard of Teentop before. She added that she would go to ‘Idol track and field” for the first time. I envied her. Even though there weren’t any singers that I liked, it would be a memorable experience to see many of people on television.

 During the discussion, the topic that I could write about popped into my head. I remembered a question that was on the TV show. It was about what special people around us mean to me. I asked her about EWC, “What is something that you feel during your three years in EWC?” It started with her best friend Emily. She thinks Emily is thin and tall, so she envies her. Also, she is like a little chatterbox but at the same time very shy. Jean is a just kind and funny older classmate. Actually, I really expected her to express more than her just being funny, but exciting and crazy about chocolate mild. Jina is very talkative, also funny, and a good writer. She is usually surprised and scared of Jina’s writing because Jina writes so much. (And I think so, too.) Yuhyun is a good writer and shows us amazing passion for Bieber. Jasmine is very shy and quiet, but she seems to hide something that is very different from what we know. Calvin is just a boy in class. However, I don’t think that she thinks Calvin is just a boy because she made strange sound like sound when I said his name. She also said he is a mysterious guy because she has never seen his paper. About me, I make strange sounds when I laugh. (Jina agrees, but I don’t think so.) The highlight of our interview was about our teacher, Brent. He makes lots of jokes, but sometimes they are not funny and just cold. He is really good at Korean such as “카드되요?” He seems evil sometimes and likes evil things. The other hand, he is like a famous lecturer, especially talking about passion or things in side of our lives.

 After the interview I learned that he thoughts are similar to mine. So why didn’t I know about her more deeply? It was because of our similarities. She and I talk very simply in serious situations just as an interview. In addition we didn’t talk much about ourselves, just about our projects or silly talk. I think it was a good chance to know about her deeply. Interviewing ZIon turns me into a reporter and I hope makes Zion a famous person. It is not just for celebrities, but  it can make any person feel special, so interviewing close people can be great experience for all of us.


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