New Year has begun and all the people in the world now taste the sweetness of their new life, new friends, and new start.
Some are going to university, planning to have lots of fun, (though they will NOT) and some are going to tuck their feet for the first time into the river of learning, by going to  pre-school. Others are planning to study very hard, only just after this final battle of their games.
And 6th graders, like jasmine, are quiet curious about their new life in their new school, which is called middle school.

When I first saw jasmine, I thought she was one of the quietest students in ewc I have ever met. According to my memories, she almost never said a word when nobody asked her to.
The quietness made me and jasmine have a distance between.however; I was always curious about her, and eager to know her. And, I finally had a chance to know.

She was one of the now 6th graders who were going to be in middle school in less than two months. I was the same just one year ago. This subject was the one she and I could feel sympathy together. Mostly she was afraid of studying. She was afraid that she was now studying for entrance examination. Her scores were going to be applied. Like all the other students in Korea, she felt math was going to be the biggest problem for her. I told her it was almost true. It may be not the biggest problem, but to anyone math is not a very friendly one.
Another thing she was worried about studying was grades. She hoped she would be at least trying at everything. Even though her grades might be not as good as she expected.

She was also afraid of making new friends. One year ago, I was really excited and curious about new friends, and new school. Unexpected situations like being alone didn’t appear in my head. However, jasmine was in a private school, and she thought her awareness would be low. Still, she was also excited meeting new friends.

My biggest problem one year ago was school uniform. I was excited more than I could ever imagine. To me, school uniform made me feel I was all grown-up. And something official.
Surprisingly, jasmine wasn’t really thinking about school uniforms very much. She thought they would be uncomfortable, and she didn’t expect it to be great. I told her just wear it for one year and you’ll choose school uniforms instead of training outfits.

Getting to know jasmine was really fun. She was like average student in her age. And almost like me just one year ago. I agreed to her to many things, and most of all, I’ve found out that jasmine wasn’t so quiet after all. I hoped she will have a great time in middle school. She will be enjoying there in no time!


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