SUBWAY[NOUN] [BRIT] A subway is a passage underneath a busy road or a railway track for people to walk through.

What does ‘subway’ means to you? Is it just another public transportation method? Or a way to travel? Probably most of us will just get in the subway, and when you arrived, get out. However, What if we can travel inside the subway? Not as a transportation, but for a place to travel?

I’ve never observed inside of the subway. Neither explored. Every time I was on subway, I just tucked my head down on my phone. Just letting my ears opened to get out when I have to.
When I first heard of today’s traveling plans, I was really shocked. I never thought we had things to see inside of the subway, never in my life. Annoyed feelings came ahead of me of the thought of being squashed between lots of people, because it was Saturday.

It was the same voyage until I scanned my subway pass while entering. For the first time, I put my phone inside my pocket and started to observe.
The station was really quiet than I thought. Few people were in it, mostly waiting for the ride. To my surprise, most of the people in there were elderly ones. Since it was Saturday, I’ve thought there would be many adolescents moving.
Everybody looked slow, and relaxed than the other busy days. It seemed everybody was enjoying this Saturday feelings. While walking along the station, I found the other part of the station was very developed than the part which I was walking.

The train looked like it was driven for years. The inside of it was full of people. Most of them, (it would not be strange to use,’ all’) were facing their phones, like me one week ago.
When I came in to the door, I found inside of it was full of elderly people too. Many of them looked like they were going hiking. There was a man with a giant ring, and a man wearing cheesy clothes and hairstyles.
And for the first time of all, I observed advertises in the ceiling. They were advertising pears, naming them ‘k-pears’. They looked like they named their pears similar to k-pop. The train kept on going, and people went out and went in. and they all seemed to enjoy playing with their phones. I felt awkward that I was doing the same thing every time.

Then I saw the window in the corner of my eyes.
The outside of the train, was fast. I felt like I was going through a person’s life. It was all blurry. Whenever we stopped, I could see many apartments, anywhere.

Soon we arrived at Uijeongbu. They place looked like gang –nam, or at least a city. I was surprised at the fact that here was the outskirt of Seoul. All the things in there looked huge, and, were huge.
Some small buildings looked like really small in there, though it would have looked in normal size in our neighbor. Between the buildings, there was a road. And the scenery changed. There wasn’t an apartment, or big buildings. Just old houses.
The thing that we could see two places, two whole different towns, with a gap between buildings was interesting.

Uijeongbu looked really busy.
There was a road in the sky. I thought it was just another subway railroad, But it was different than the other subways. This one was small, and cute. Really small that it fits in our sight. Inside of it were really cozy, and luxury. We stood in the front, for the view.
The small subway was faster than the others. I liked the speed. Not too fast, but not too slow.
As we kept going, we saw developed buildings. And soon, the sight changed in to the opposite. Some old Houses, and large fields. I liked the view changing. Just a small train could show us almost the whole place where we were landing.

Though this trip was just a travel inside of a public transportation, I found it really interesting. Sometimes things could be more great and better than you ever thought and expect. Examining things around you is a chance to meet other things. Subway is a way to move to other places, but sometimes it could be a place where it leads you to another adventure.


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