Where do you think is the best place to see your current state? Your blog? Your face? Your mom? Those things do show your present thoughts or feelings, but I say the best place to see your interests or other stuffs, and even personality is your desk.

Walking through your house and stepping inside of your room, you will be able to see your big (or small) desk of your own. You don’t allow other people to touch your stuffs and especially the ones on your desk. Why do you do so? Maybe because on your desk are bunch of personal things – what you don’t want to show others.

‘Personal’ stuffs on your desk shows your thoughts, interests, what you’ve been doing lately, and even what you ate just a few hours ago. Your desk shows everything without any ‘filtering’ like what you show others on your blog or by words with exaggeration or changes.

For example, I can see my desk in my room and my desk is a mess right now. Many of you would agree with it, saying ‘I’m not able to observe anything on my desk because my desk is the biggest trashcan in my house!’. No matter your desk is the biggest garbage can of your house or something, don’t worry. We can find more interesting things in a trash can because you abandon more things on there with no thinking.

On my desk, I can see a pile of books on the corner and the shelf of my desk. Not well arranged on the book shelf, just piled up on everywhere of the desk. With that, you will be able to notice that I was just on my test term recently and I was so absent-minded to arrange them for the past few weeks. Some books on my shelf with its titles strangely covered with some papers, shows my desperate attempt not to read books during test term. Also, I can see I was so lazy to keep my desk clean with all the small various things like bottles, small sack, note, tissue, pencil case, pens, phone, brush, and money, pushed and piled up on the left corner with a mess. You can know I was knitting a muffler because there’s a big wool tangled up on the pile of books, and you can see a bunch of tangerine peels still yellow on the edge of the desk, and notice that I’ve just eaten some tangerines. To be honest, a lot. (I’m eating one right now again.)


A desk full of someone’s information.

Only by seeing the desk, we can observe many things about the owner of that place. This kind of observation – called ‘snooping’ – is really used in psychological investigations. Not only the desk, clothes, your room, shoes, accessories, and your belongings can be a important clue during the investigation. What we see, use, and change every day like our room, living room, and also the trashcan and the inside of the car informs tons of information about our life.

This technique of investigation was very interesting to me when I first read about this, and it is still interesting with the fact that we can notice someone’s personal interests, works, his habits and also his current statements with only scanning over his stuffs. Accurate investigations using this skill is possible for only highly trained peoples, though. However almost all of us already knows that our stuffs, desk, clothes and everything around us represents us; we have to behave and take care of our self. Also while writing this paper and observing my desk, I felt something very important. I must clean my desk, right now.


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