Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle bell rock
Jingle bells swing and Jingle bells ring
Snowin` and blowin` up bushels of fun
Now the Jingle hop has begun

…only for happy couples and little kids. To lonely solos and students, except the elementary ones, Christmas presents and all the celebrations are the story of a faraway kingdom.

     Since we became teenagers, we couldn’t get any surprise gifts from Santa because we are no longer kids-according to the Santa. In contrary, some of us are even giving the ‘Santa’ a Christmas present for their labors they had done until we noticed the secret of Santa. For us, ignored by the Santa and having any expectations or fantasy of Christmas, I would like to introduce you a unique style of spending Christmas season alone.

     All the shops decorates in Christmas ornaments and flash lights to attract the passer-bys from November. Since that time, start thinking of ‘what present should I buy for Christmas?’. To who? To Me! There’s no one who will get you a gift for Christmas, so get your own one by yourself! If you already have something you really wanted, it is the best chance to get it with justification! If you don’t, start thinking carefully and find what is good for Christmas. Something that has some feeling like the real Christmas gift. Ask your friends ‘What should I buy for Christmas?’ like as if you would give it to them. If they ask ‘to who?’, answer ‘To ME!’

     Week before Christmas – drag your friend to go shopping with you. You’ll have your wish list you’ve been writing for a month in your hand, and your mother’s credit card on the other hand – often called as the ‘mom-card chance’. Get your own Christmas gift dragging your poor friend around with you. Buying your own Christmas present to gift yourself brings you satisfaction and happiness because you already know what you are getting for Christmas. Also you can get what you really wanted to have, unlike the Santa’s gift.


     On Christmas Eve, find a fine pretty packing paper. Pack your present. Don’t need to pack it pretty because you’re giving it to yourself. The wrap is just a device to form the Christmas mood and the excitement by making it more like the real Christmas gift. Packing a gift is always happy and exciting – even when you are giving it to your friend or someone, so it would be more fantastic and exciting to pack your own Christmas gift, looking forward the scene when you are open packaging the gift. Pack it pretty if you want. What looks good, tastes good.


     Right before you get to bed, place your Christmas gift on the head of your bead, under the Christmas tree, in the Christmas socks or anywhere your Santa used to put your gifts. It is important to pretend as if you are the ‘real Santa’, so separate yourself in to two parts – the Santa part and your real self, not knowing the Santa has come to your house. So high with anticipation, excitement, go to sleep listening exciting carols and Christmas songs.


     Happy Christmas morning! I love the cool and quiet atmosphere of Christmas. Everyone, except the kids whom woke up early excited to check the presents, are in a deep sleep enjoying the laid-back holiday. When I wake up, I feel the cool breeze of winter into a sign of ‘It’s Christmas!!!’ and instinctively starts looking for my Christmas gift. If it was just an ordinary Christmas, ignored by the Santa and nobody to give you a present, you will soon find nothing and have a sad disappointed Christmas. However if you fallow the steps I recommend you in this paper, you will find your present on your bed, on your desk, under the Christmas tree, in the Christmas sock, and anywhere you used to get your gift! Having your Christmas present what you really wanted to have when you just woke up presents you great happiness and excitement as it was the present from the Santa, just like our childhoods. You can enjoy the best, fantastic Christmas day filled with happiness and excitement!


     We always have some expectations for Christmas and want someone or something to give you gifts and joy. I always expected my Santa to get me some even little things as my Christmas present, but always found my room and the living room empty. That’s the reason I started to give myself a Christmas gift, always packed with pretty packing paper. For this, you can ask your mom to buy you something for Christmas saying that you really want that. Your mom may give you the card because the Santa had been enjoying their holidays for recent years. Spending Christmas with no presents, fantasies and no excitements will be awful and so lonely. With this way, however, you will start your Christmas day with happiness and joy, and you would be able to talk to your friends about this proudly, and grandly. You deserve everything you want – it is your night! It’s Christmas!


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