‘Adventure’ is not a thing that you can only find when you go on a long, hard journey. You can find it in a daily life, especially on saturdays.

Last saturday, our class went to Choan mountain. It took a long time to gothere because the mountain was at the end of the road. The mountian was not that high, and there was a soccer field at the top. There was also a park with benches and exercise things. The park looked very wooded with trees and looked as if no one ever trimmed any of the trees for a very long time.

On the way out, there was a way on the side of the road. I thought it was just another way to the forest. But no, it was a little tennis court. The tennis court looked very special to me, even though I was not that intrested in tennis. It looked special just because it was hidden. I guess everything looks special and mysterious when it’s hidden.

At the other side of the mountain, there was a little village. At first I thought nobody would live there because the village looked very old. It look as if I was back in the 1970’s. However, as we walked through the village, I noticed something in the small houses with blue roofs, the narrow streets, and even in the old men talking loudly. That something was ‘friendly’. I felt ‘friendly’ on the things I never saw in real life. And I think now that this, is the reason that this activity is called the ‘Nokcheon Adventure’.

At the end of the vilage, there was a old looking subway station. The station’s name was ‘Nokcheon’. We went up the stairs then down. There was nothing that special about the station, except that the station was very old. However I thought this station had the meaning of ‘the goal to this adventure’.

So Nokcheon station was the end of the trip. It was not that a hard trip, and I guess I learned and saw lots of things. I also think that it was a good chance to realize the meaning of Adventure.


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