Let’s imagine that right now, you have a really nice, handsome boyfriend. He picks you up for school with his own car, and brings you back. He buys you things that you always wanted. But most of all, he loves you. Maybe more than you do.
However, you soon find something strange with him. He doesn’t eat in front of you, or sleeps. His eye changes colors, from gold to black. He misses school like once a month. And he is unbelievably strong.
And your boyfriend says “yes” when you ask him if he is a vampire.
This is what happened to Isabella swan.

Because of the two divorced parents, Bella had been visiting his dad every summer. But this summer was different. Bella decided to live with his dad this time. She moves to forks and sighs when she feels the sticky, rainy air. Her dad greets her with an old car which he bought for a present. Bella goes in to a new high school, and she meets the cullens.
The cullens were famous for their family love. The sit altogether, the talk to each other…. The do everything things together. Bella notices the handsomest Cullen. Her friends tell her that he’s the gorgeous Edward Cullen. Bella became curious, and she gets closer to Edward. But unfortunately, Edward seemed to avoid Bella. He moves his chair away from her, and staying away fromher.. And she thinks Edward hates her.
But one day, Bella almost had a car accident because of the slippery road. But suddenly from middle of nowhere, Edward appears and saves her life. He pushed away the car from her with his ‘hand’. Bella notices that Edward is ‘too’ fast and ‘too’ strong. She asks him what is it, but Edward keeps his lips light.

After the accident, Bella became a little bit angry with Edward for avoiding her. So she began to join other groups. She eats with them and she plays with them.
And then she meets ‘Jacob black’. He was the son of the old car’s latest user. (Which was now Bella’s). Jacob tells that the cullens can’t go to some of the places in forks. When Bella asked him why, he talked like they were vampires.
At first Bella didn’t believe in. they couldn’t be vampires. They were just … too white. Too strong. Too cold. Bella googled about vampires, and thinks that Edward, can might be really a vampire. So she decided to ask him.
And he was.
He told her that he avoided her because of the blood scent. Bella was shocked. She was confused. She wanted to think alone. But she found herself that she was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

So the cullens were vampires. Bella was a human. And Edward and Bella in love.
Nobody thought that this could bring something unfortunate.

One day, the cullens and Bella decided to go for a baseball game. But Bella’s scent was too strong. Too strong for vampires to smell. As soon as the game started, some other vampire groups came. They sniffed, and felt Bella inside it. Edward noticed that the other vampire group was planning to suck Bella’s blood. Edward quickly left the place with Bella, but he soon found out that one of the members of the group was a tracker. A tracker which was famous for finding a person only with a smell. Bella had to leave the house, packed. So she lied to her dad, that she was having trouble living with him. She saw that she had no other choice to save her dad, so she hurt her dad to leave him alone.
Edward and the some other cullens decided to attract the tracker by wearing Bella’s outfit. And the left ones to bring Bella to somewhere far away from forks. But the tracker soon found out that the scent was not really from the real Bella, and he chases down the real Bella again. Edward notices and runs to protect Bella.
Meanwhile, Bella was in a hotel. She was safe, with the some of the cullens. But she receives a phone call, and she hears her mother crying for her. When Bella started to calm her mom, she hears an unfamiliar voice. The tracker.
Bella thinks that the tracker has her mom for a hostage. She asks the tracker where is he and her mom, and the tracker tells her a ballet studio where once Bella practiced ballet when she was young. She writes a note for the cullens saying sorry, and took a taxi.

When she arrived at the ballet studio, she hears her mom crying for her again, and opens the door. But there was only a video greeting her. A video which she and her mom took when she was young. She stood there in shock, and a voice appears behind her.
She recognizes that the voice was from the tracker. She was in to his trick. When the tracker came closer to bite her, she pushed him and began to run. But vampires are fast. The tracker soon stood in front of her. She felt horror inside her. Again, the tracker sneered and tried to bite her. When the tracker came closer to her neck, suddenly the door opened again, and there she found her love, Edward Cullen.

Edward ran to the tracker and pushed him away from her. And then the two started to fight. However, the two was both strong, and both fast. The fight didn’t seem to end. But, the ballet studio had a lot of mirrors. The mirror crashed everywhere the two touched. Small, big bits of glasses flew everywhere and Bella had the bits of glasses in her thigh, face…. And then the tracker finally crashed Edward in to another glass and ran to Bella. Because of her bleeding thigh, she couldn’t run away from him this time. Her wrist was in his hands, and then touched his lips. When his teeth came in to her, she lost her sight and thoughts. She fainted.

When she woke up again, she saw herself in a hospital. She saw her mom safe. Before she could explain it to her mom, her mom talked to her to be careful with the stairs. The cullens lied to her mom that she rolled down the stairs.
When her mother went out for a second, she remembered everything. The tracker…and the bite he had. She held up her hand and found the tracker’s teeth shape.
But… She still had warmth. And blood. And heart. She was still a human. She was confused. She had to be a vampire because she was bitten.
She asked to Edward sitting next to her. Edward told her that he saved her. That he sucked out the venom. Bella was surprised. Edward first avoided her because of her blood smell. But how could he stop himself from keep sucking her blood? “It was hard to, but love” was his reply.

To be continued with“new moon”


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