Ember is a city that is built under ground by ‘the builders’. This city isn’t just a normal city. The people don’t know about the real world. They think that Ember is the only place/city in the world. Well, some people do believe that there must be another world. They just live in the underground city without a single beam of sun light. The only lights the citizens have are lamps in the houses and lamps that are attached to the ground so they can’t go anywhere where there aren’t lamps. They call the dark places the unknown regions. But they can’t live under ground for ever with those lamps. These people can’t invent or fix electricity things. People are just using the tools, bulb, the food cans, clothes and other goodies that the builders left for them in storerooms. And one day they will run out of electricity bulbs and will have to stay in the dark until the end. The citizens will be hopeless. So the builders did leave an instruction for egress. They putted it in a box and locked it and made it be open at the right time, but gets lost, ruined and chewed on by a little baby girl the second it gets out of the box for the first time. It gets forgotten for a long time.
Lina is a twelve year old girl who dreams of another beautiful city with lots of light and a blue sky. One day, she finds her little sister Poppy chewing on some paper, the instruction for egress, that was lost. Lina thought it might be something important extremely old because of the shape of the writings on it. She took the un-chewed pieces and began to match them. But because of her sister it had lots of gaps on the instruction and was un-able to be read but a few words. She takes these pieces and shows it to the people around her but won’t give any help, except for two people, Doon and Clary. Doon always wanted to help the city and when he saw the fragment and figured it out that it was an instruction to get out of Ember, he and Lina begins to really work hard on it. Word by word they figure it out and finally get the whole message. They were so delighted that they could all live now outside of Ember. They decide to announce it to all the people in the city but just before they could the guards start to run after them for spreading rumors about the mayor (which was actually a true story). They both run as fast as they can and gets in some trouble in the middle and finally meet in the entrance of the pipeworks which was the place the exit to the other world was. Doon, Lina, and Poppy has a rough ride on the boat in the river and after a long walk they finally get out to the real world with grass, fresh air, full of living creatures and blue sky. When they get out they find a diary and other things of one of the first person to go in Ember and finds out that the city was underground and why there were in there. At the end they leave a message for the rest of the people still in Ember and waits for all of them to come out with them.


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