Do you like mountain? Actually, I don’t. It’s too tired, sweaty, and my muscles hurt after going to the mountain .As you see, I almost hate mountain, but there was an event that made me to like a mountain. It was a good day, sunshine twinkled, wind tickled me like a cat’s tail…, just perfect day to go on a picnic. We started a day to go on a picnic to a mountain. We had to ride on a subway, so I was thinking, ‘Maybe that mountain have lot of seeing things…, although I hate them, strangely, It made me my heart flutter. When we arrived at the station that is in front of it, there were so much people, so I was pretty surprised. Many people (maybe some of them were just passing it) came to here to see only a mountain. We started to walk in to it. I got little shocked;;, because there were quail meats, and octopus. At first, I thought, ‘Wow sea animal at the mountain’ Although it wasn’t really surprising at normal times, but every things seemed me amazing. Anyway, during talking about that, we walked for long time (not so much, not so short), so we decided to rest. There was river. There was a stair, kind of chair, I sat there. I could see many people, splashing river…, and I felt relaxed. Then, a man (I don’t know him) started to sing, and play a guitar. It was romantic. Even I was just sitting at there, it was romantic. River flow, soft breeze passed, with singing and guitar sound, I felt so good. Maybe, It could just me, but I remember this the most about the mountain. This made me to have a good felling at there, and remember it as a romantic place. Maybe, I was surprised of my feeling at just sitting on the chair. I don’t know after this.., Of course I remember, It’s just that I liked that moment the most. Like these, mountain was fun, and romantic. If you are bored, I recommend you to go on a walk to somewhere.


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