What do you usually do on a Saturday? Do you play computer games? Or chat on the internet? I think it is better to spend some time outside with your family or friends than wasting time yourself in front of the computer the whole day. It is good for your health and also a chance to have more communication with each other. Last week, our EWC class went up Do-Bong Mountain. We had a long walk up to the middle of the mountain.

We went to Do-Bong Mountain by subway. The station was right beneath the mountain. The subway was crowded with people. When we got out I thought there would be some space but there were even more people that were going up and coming down. On the way up I could see lots of shops and restaurants. There were a lot of shops that had clothes for hiking people. Like north face, k2, black yak and so on. Everybody wore similar hiking clothes with similar designs, a sun cap, sunglasses, and a backpack. We were the only ones with jeans, a shirt, and a smart phone. Most of the restaurants had seafood or noodles. And there were lots of covered cart bars. The road was full of smells of cooked fish and quails. It was quite interesting selling seafood on a mountain.

When we passed all the restaurants, there was a little river and a bridge on the side. The river seemed to be quite clean because kids were playing in the water. Emily and I went across the bridge. There wasn’t anything interesting on the other side but trees and a map. We stayed by the river for a few minutes to take a rest. A man was playing a guitar and singing in front of us. People clapped their hands and sang along with him. Jean and I danced together. I had a lot of fun. After the fun we went up again, up to the real start of the tree covered mountain. On most of the mountains in Korea, you can find a Buddhist temple. There was one on Do-Bong Mountain too. I don’t know the actual name of it. We didn’t go in so we could only see it from the outside. The curled lines and the colors on the temple were showing us the beauty of Korean’s traditional building. In the inside I think there was a small pond in the middle. It was very quiet.

After we looked at the temple we went back down another way. On the way down to the subway we saw a wedding hall that looked like Aladdin’s palace. I think it was white, pink, and light orange. It was quite an interesting site seeing a palace-like wedding hall in the middle of the city. When we got to the subway there were even more people than before. We had to walk in a line to get to the station. Brent, Hosan, Emily, Gahi and I took line 1 and the others took line 7. I think we had a fine observation that Saturday. It was very nice to go up a mountain. I think it would be great to come again another day. I hope the guitar guy will be there then too!


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