This week, the weather was really warm so we planned to go to the Do Bong Mountain. When we get to the Do Bong Mountain, the road was full of the old who were prepared to climb the mountain. I think there were three features that I noticed from Do Bong Mountain, so I will write about the things that I so.
First, when you get to the entrance of the mountain, you can see many outdoor stores, and cart bars. At the cart bars they sell various kinds of food that makes me hungry, such as vegetable pancakes, roasted quail, noodles, etc. And actually many adults are releasing their stress by drinking alcohols together, after climbing up the mountain. Also there are the parts where the outdoor shops are lined up, like ‘North —-, Red—- Cne–, etc.” So many people who didn’t bought something for their trip was buying the things at these stores. I didn’t know that they sell many things, because I usually don’t go to the mountain.
Second, the entrance of the mountain was really free. I saw one people were singing the famous songs with the guitar and the others were listening to it, and some people were listening to that song and they even followed the song. Also many families were eating something together at the stairs, chairs, etc. Lastly, there was the wall which was decorated with the sport climbing system so that many people can experience it. So many children were trying to climb up the artificial system. I think it’s also funny to visit the entrance of the mountain because they have something funny.
Third, even though I didn’t climbed up the mountain, I found that this mountain requires 5 hours 20 minutes to climb up to the top of the mountain; many people were climbing up, and coming to the entrance again with the big smile. Maybe, climbing up the mountain might be hard at very tiring, I was curious about why they are having so big smile. But I noticed that they are excited and happy because they accomplished their goal to get to the top of the mountain.
Climbing up mountain has many benefits, you can release your stress, you can feel excited by achieving your objective to get to the top of the mountain, and you can even enjoy the taste of delicious food which is sold in front of the mountain. So, if you have time, why don’t you visit DO Bong Mountain?


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