Do-bong Mountain Observation


Long, long winter passed and new bright spring came, but cold didn’t pass yet. Anyway we had a new observation. I don’t know it was the spring observation, but I know this is my second observation that we go outside. Our destination was Do-bong Mount. I went there last year with my classmates, because of the volunteering program. That was the program about the natures. However, I have bad memory. I really hate bees and my friends were stung by bees. With my bad memories about Do-bong Mountain, we started to head for our destination.


We went there by subway. Along the way from station to the front of the mountain, there were lots of restaurants. We could see fried fish very easily. There were some small chicken-shaped foods. I think those were cooked quails. We saw octopus in the water tank. I don’t know why they sell seafood near by the mountain. Also, there was pa-jeon. Pa-jeon is well-known food which is sold down side of the mountains. Passing the restaurants was torture for me, because I was hungry then. There are lots of shops which sell mountain-climbing equipments.


There was a stream when we were near by the mountain. We sat down and take some picture of it. There was a man who played guitar and sing. Gradation of the sunset sky was beautiful. The scenery was valuable to take lots of pictures. I think that place was peek of this observation. When we arrived in front of the mountain, some of us had to go back. We spent too much time to enter there. Therefore we said goodbye to them, and kept going up to the mountain. Soon, we were going down. Walk up the mountain very little and turn back to home was very sorry.


This observation was very different with last observation. It was more strained than last one. Recently, Brent made us dance when we did crazy thing or against the rules, and he really love it. Therefore this observation must join with dancing of us. On the way to go to Do-bong Mountain, some of us danced. I was very pleasant that I wasn’t in the group who danced. One of the rules is we must speak in English. The power of punishment was awesome. Most of all spoke in English on the way to go to the mountain. I think this punishment give me another precious memory to me.


I got lots of things at the end of this observation. First thing is reminding my memory. Unfortunately, I had bad memory with the mountain, but also I had good memories which made with my friends. I almost forgot about the happenings at the Do-bong Mountain. I’m really glad to find my forgotten memory. Second, this time I felt my English skill is progressed. During the observation, I must speak in English. Therefore I use a lot more English than the other classes. Do-bong Mountain observation was the efficient one for me I think. If you have enough time, why don’t you go to Do-bong Mountain with your family or friends?


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