Seoul Station has very long and interesting history. Seoul Station was first built in 1900. Seoul Station’s first name was ‘Gyeong Seong Station’ and it was chaged to ‘Namdaemun Station’ In 1905. In 1923, ‘Namdaemun Station’ became ‘Gyeong Seong Station’ again. And in 1946, it became the current name, ‘Seoul Station’ Like this, Seoul Station has very long history, but it has very sad history. Seoul Station is now Korea’s important and famous building, but it was built by not Korean but Japanese people. Gyeong Seong Station was modeled on the Japanese building, Tokyo Station. And the name Gyeong Seong is the name that Japan changed on their own authority. ‘Gyeong Seong’s real name was ‘Hanyoun’. Though Seoul Station has sad history, it became the main station of Korea. About 90000 people use Seoul Station in a day. And it also became the symbol modern building of Seoul too. Now, let’s see the more detailed history and the present of Seoul Station.


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