Sungraemun, also known as Namdaemun, is South Korea’s No.1 National treasure. There is a reason. In Hanyang(Seoul) in the Chosun Era, there were Honginjimun, doneimun, sungraemun and sookchongmun, the 4 great doors, and haehwamun, changeimun, Kwangheimun and soeimun, the other doors. But the doors still left today are honginjimun and sungraemun. Sungraemun was built in 1395 which is 1 year earlier than 1396 when honginjimun was built and it is the oldest building in Korea. This is why sungraemun is South Korea’s No.1 national treasure.
In 1395, Taejo started to build sungraemun and finished building in 1398. There has been many constructions after it was built. In 2008, sungraemun was burnt down by a crazy mad old man who had dissatisfaction about compensation issue. 5years past from the incident and sungraemun is still demobilizing. So far it was about the history of sungraemun.


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