There was a very big incident in 2008 about Sungnyemun. Sungnyemun is the oldest building in Seoul. It has been in the same place for more than 6 hundred years, but on February 10, it got burnt down. A man about 80 named Chae Jong Gi, had dissatisfaction because of his land compensation and set fire on Sugnyemun with thinner and a lighter. 90% of the second floor and 10% of the first floor burnt down. Fortunately there was still 90% of it left so the cultural committee decided to keep Sungnyemun on the position of National Treasure No.1. This situation happened because of Chae Jong Gi, but also because of us. We didn’t care much about Sungyemun and also didn’t protect it properly. I think it was a good thing for reflecting ourselves and make sure a case like this won’t happen again.


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