In Joseon, at the palaces, there were a day that everybody can do trick to anyone. It is not the April fool’s day. It is the day when the first snow falls. But this trick has some rules. This game is to make fun of other people by giving them snow for the gift. For example, when the first snow falls, they pack the snow like that is a real gift like some other things, so that they feel something bad when they open the snow present. When someone opens the present, the receiver become loser, and person who gave snow is the winner. In this day, even king didn’t tell off to his servant about this game.
Also, there are many secrets that we usually didn’t notice while we visit the Gyeong Bok palace. Do you know who wrote the signboard of the Gyeong Bok palace? It was written by our former president, Park Jung Hee. Gyeong Bok palace was burned at 6.25 wars and built again after the war stopped. While working thorough the Gyeong Bok palace, you can even see something special under your feet. It’s called Bak stone, which is made of granite. This Bak stone allows many things to do. First, this stone allows people to walk there with the leather shoes. With the leather shoes, you might often fall down. However, thanks to the granite stone’s roughness, they can walk without tumbling. Second, it doesn’t reflect the sunlight so that people don’t feel uncomfortable with their eyes, and it reflects the moonlight at the night. Third, when you walk at this street you can see some rings that are made of metal, which is stucked at the stone. Do you know what is it? At Joseon, there were many events that was held at the outside, so at the summer, some servants suffer anemia. So they made this ring to put the tent so that they can do events without anemia. But isn’t it strange? How can these rings preserved until now without corrosion? They say, before putting them stuck on the Bak stone, they fried it with the perilla oil. When you walk around the entire place in Gyeong Bok palace, you can find two places that doesn’t have dragon on the roof. One is king’s bedroom and queen’s bedroom. First, they didn’t put the dragon at the King’s bedroom because they think that king is the dragon, and if they put the two dragons together, something bad will happen. Second, they didn’t put the dragon on the roof of the queen’s bedroom, because many people thought that, baby is made by balance of yin and yang. However, dragon have too powerful yang, so that they can’t easily get baby. Like these, there are many interesting things in the Gyeong Bok palace.


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