In July 5th, 1900 Seoul station started their business with name ‘Namdaemun station’. Yong-San station was much bigger in that time, and Namdeamun station was ancillary. Because of population growth people thought there should be a center station. Young-San station built for army and far from the city. So, it was not very good to be new station. After lots of official meeting, they decided to fix Namdeamun station. They changed name into Kung-Sung station, which occured in January 1st, 1923. Repair work was finished in 1925 and after that, the station became very important in Korea railroad. After independence, Kung-Sung station changed it’s name to Seoul station. In January 26th 1960, passengers who tried to go to Mok-Po sation fell of from the Seoul station’s staircase and 31 died and 38 got seriously hurt. Becaue the train came so late and opened door for only five minutes, people tried to get in by force. Lot’s of people was passing narrow staircase so the accident occured. The Ministry of Transportation in Korea gave compensation for the loss. Also, station master and cheif were arrested. After that terrible accident, people tried to make Seoul station more safe and big station. As the time goes, Seoul station’s volume of traffic increased very much. Since KTX invented, they fixed station again and in April 1st 2004, to work on programs with KTX.


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