Actually, I didn’t pay attention to contrast some places by the time before to do this project. There was many diffrences at just one place then I thought. Many things dissapeared, many things appeared, passing things and kind of base…? I mean, seeing things behind thwe Namdaemun.( for example, for now, there are cars, and in the past, there was kind of wagons.)   Ofcourse, most of all, is that Namdaemun burned. As I told you, there was a lot of diffrences. I thought ‘power’ of the time was very strong. There were the passing way, like puling the wagon,  some time passed, there were many houses, and another time passed, and it burned ( To say it more correcte, people are making it same) ,and I felt another thing. It was indifference of me about our treasure. I used it at project cause It had many history, and It was in people’s attention…, but, no one knew that Namdaemun changed like it, and I remembered my apartment’s walking path. Maybe It was farm…,or other things.


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