Think about ‘homeless’, most of people would imagine ‘Seoul station’. Nobody knows when the Seoul station became the image of ‘homeless’, but actually, this problem has been issued at least in Korea.
There is a statistic that shows other citizen’s thinking very well. 41.5% said that they think homeless people make the image of Seoul station slippage, 27.5% think that they feel uncomfortable when they use the service of the station because of the homeless. The company of Korail decided to prohibit them sleeping in the night after 11 P.M and the 75.2% of passenger using Seoul station did agree for it, only 5.5% disagreed.
However, the opposite of agree, have some basis. First, this prohibit rule does not stop the root cause. Second, we have to guarantee freedom of living for homeless people. Third, the rule slippages the conscience solidaire of social and there are many other reasons for it.
Then, what do you think about the problem of this issue?


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