Present of Seoul Station

Seoul station changed as the generation went by. Now there is no train pass Seoul station which was built in 1925. The trains are passing new Seoul station that is bigger and more modern. Every passenger goes to the new one to take a train. Then what about the old one? It’s used in to the cultural space and named into ‘Culture station Seoul 284’. Culture station Seoul 284 has opened since 2011. There was lots of exhibitions, festivals, shows, concerts etc. The opening exhibition was about ‘The old future’. The theme was about ‘How does the space effect to culture?’ This show exhibited model structures, visual design works, performing arts, etc. There were lots of events at this place. Plus, there is the place that the memory of the train station is exhibiting. Culture station Seoul 284 is closure now. However, there are lots of rooms that we can lend. About a hundred years ago, they probably used into office of the station. In this period, Culture station Seoul 284 became a place where the past and the present meet. We can feel the classical feelings with the building and some old exhibitions. We can also feel the modern sense with the artificial works. Therefore I think this place preserve old things and head to the future.


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