The book I read : The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain)

The book I read in February was ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’. It is a famous book by Mark Twain. I bet most of the people already know about this book, about a mischievous boy, Tom’s adventure. And because there aren’t many people who don’t know the story, I will focus a bit more on the character (Tom) and the author right now.

This book is mainly for the entertainment of girls and boys but also to remind the adults of what they once were themselves, and how they felt and thought those days. The characters, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are drawn from life but Tom Sawyer is a combination of the characteristics of three boys the author knew. And most of the adventures in the story really occurred.

Tom, I think he is very intelligent, but a naughty boy. On a nice day, when he is painting fences with white paint which made it not a nice day anymore, he can make kids playing want to paint fences for him. When his friend comes by he brushes the fence up and down daintily. He makes it look like an elegant work and makes his friend interested in it. And when the friend asks if he can try it himself, Tom doesn’t catch it right away, he waits a bit and makes his friend more desperate to do it. By the end of the day, Tom didn’t do any work and got an apple that his friend was nibbling on and a price for painting the fence so beautifully.

He can find trouble any second, any place. He can just run into anybody and fight. When he was walking in the village he met a boy about an inch or two taller than him neatly dressed, buttoned till the top, and wearing shiny shoes. By the time they went their each ways, the boy’s shirt got dirty and ripped and his hair was a mess. At Sunday school, Tom traded little things with the cards they gave every time they memorize a verse. He traded things until he was able to get a bible for the cards.

I really enjoyed watching the movie of the adventures of Tom Sawyer when I was young. The movie was great but I think it is better reading it with a book. It has more details and I can imagine as I read each sentence. I think this book is a very fun book to read anytime.


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