After reading Kira-Kira


‘Kira-Kira’, how do you feel when you hear this word? In my case, it sounds like a magic spell or girl’s name. I think it’s really interesting book name. This title gave me arcane feeling, so I was curious about it. I love this book’s cover. The book cover looks very vintage. One tall girl and a small girl are smiling at each other. Then I’m curious about the book more. Truly I didn’t like the book before see the book, because this book was recommended by my school English teacher. I couldn’t trust school teacher’s choice then. Therefore I started to read the book with unsatisfactorily mind.

The book ‘Kira-kira’ is a story of Katie. Katie had an elder sister named Lynn. They were very close sisters. Lynn taught Katie ‘Kira-kira’ which means twinkle-twinkle. After that Katie used the word when she saw beautiful things. Katie’s family is normal happy American family, except they were from Japanese. Katie’s family is not rich. They moved to Georgia, because of Katie’s parents’ job. One day, Lynn started to lose her temper very easily. Katie didn’t think seriously. Katie’s parents told Katie that Lynn was anemic. At the end of this book, Lynn died because of Lymph cancer. One day before Lynn dead, Katie slept next to Lynn’s bed. And Lynn got Katie promising about trivial things. Then, Lynn died.

 While I reading this book, I want to have this kind of sister. I have one brother, but sister could be friendlier. Also Lynn is very kind, so I really want to have a sister like friend. I think this book remind me to think of my family. I can understand about Katie’s love for Lynn, her brother and her parents. In the book, Katie helped her parents’ works at home. While I read that part, I really reflect on my attitudes. In the end of story, when Lynn died, I imagine that one of my family members died and it was too sad, scary, and despairing. Can you imagine that person who is the closest person died? It’s not good to imagine it, but when you read this book you came to think of it. I could think of hardness of emigrants. The book’s background was the time there wasn’t a lot emigrants live. People looked at the emigrants through glasses colored by their own inclinations

I think the title is suitable for this book. I think ‘Kira-kira’ represent Katie and Lynn’s memory. At the top of this writing I said ‘Kira-kira’ is like a magic spell. Now, I believe it is. I think this spell connected Katie and her kind but dead sister, Lynn. While I read this book, I can think of family’s importance. I recommend you to read this book and feel touching feelings of family.


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