I am going to introduce you a book “SHILOH”. This story is nonfiction. Um, say frankly, I don’t like this book because I don’t like the book’s genre. But I think if you like touching story or story about dog, you may like this book.

First, I’ll introduce about this book’s main story. There are three main character in this story, Shiloh, Marty, and Judd. This story started on one Sunday noon. After eating lunch with his family, Marty was walking on the hill. While Marty went on the hill, he saw a beagle. The dog looked tired and hungry. Marty didn’t care about the dog at first, but the beagle followed Marty to his home. So Marty gave some water and food to the dog and named the dog Shiloh. But Marty’s father said the dog was Judd’s dog and he took the dog to Judd, but Marty knew Judd was bad man because Marty knew Judd mistreated dogs and Marty had found a dead dog that was killed by Judd. So Marty couldn’t sleep well that night and finally decided to save the dog. He tried to steal Shiloh and keep it in secret but he couldn’t father said no. But Marty couldn’t give up because he knew Shiloh was starving and kicked by Judd and he went to Judd’s house. In Judd’s house, Marty said he knew that Judd had killed a dog so if Judd didn’t give Shiloh, he would tell the fact that Judd had killed the dog. So Judd and Marty negotiate. Judd promised if Marty work in Judd’s house for 20 days, he would give Shiloh. After 20 days, Marty got Shiloh and lived happily. This story is finished here.

After reading this book, I felt that kids are better than adults sometimes. In this story, Marty tries to get Shiloh. It’s not because he want the dog, Marty really wanted to save the dog and loved the dog. If I were Marty, I couldn’t even attempt to save Shiloh, so I think Marty is really brave boy. But Marty’s father says who paid for a dog, he have right for treat the dog, and even after he knew Judd mistreats dogs, he says he couldn’t help because of the laws. In this situation, who do you think more brave and great person? I think Marty is better than his father. Lastly, I hope Shiloh and Marty had long and happy life!


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