People always have something that they are passionate about. And what are you passionate about? And what is passion? Passion is strong sexual feelings toward someone or something. Of course, I have passion, but do you know what it is? It can be strange, but I am passionate about all I did and something doing now. Soccer, computer game, study, exercising, reading a book, drawing is all that I’m passionate about. You probably heard this saying, “A genius cannot win over a person making effort, a person making effort cannot win over a person enjoying something”, and I think it is real. Also, our family motto is same as this saying. And I’m keeping trying to enjoy everything that I’m doing and did. Now, I’m going to talk my evidence that our family motto can be true.



When I’m an elementary school student, I like soccer, but I seem to have no talent. Since I became middle school student, I started to enjoy soccer, I played soccer everyday in P.E (Physical Education) class, even then, still I was bad at soccer. However, a month later, I came to play soccer very well. I almost score a goal in every P.E class. And Also, I got a goal at soccer match with other class. When my class made a battle with higher grade student, I even heard that some brothers told me I’m like a Lionel Messi. Finally, I became an ace in my class.



I’m terrible in math. ‘I dislike math, I hate math, I want to destroy math’, but now I’m not. Now I’m thinking ‘I like math, I am good at math, I can solve math questions well’, but it was not easy to change my realization about math. I poured lots of effort until it is to be done. First, I tried to think math in positive side. I started to think this math question is not just a question. And it made me more comfortable to think math softly. Also, the amount of my accomplishment increased more and more. Second, when I was able to think math softly, I started to enjoy math. Enjoying math was easy for me, but the process of enjoying math is difficult for me to do. It was same as making me to enjoy study. Anyway, it was possible for me to enjoy math!



Like this, it was easy to enjoy everything that you are doing. If it is hard, it is just your mind’s problem. So, clear your mind and keep trying to enjoy that everything you do.


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