I like reading books about something mystery, not scary and makes me curious. And there are a few books that feats me. One of the mysteries, curious book that I have read is “The mysterious Benedict society” which is written by Trenton Lee Stewart.
First, I’ll introduce about the 6 main characters. Reynie Muldoon (Reynard) lives in Stone town orphanage, and he is grown by the Miss Perumal and Miss perumal suggested him to get in the Benedict society because he is very clever and smart. So he passed the entire test and became a member of the benedict society. Kate wetherall is a girl who always carries bucket which have many supplies inside it. She is not an orphan, but her mother is dead and her father is gone, but she fined her father named Milligan who was working for the benedict society but forgot her daughter. Georgy Washington (Sticky Washington) is very clever that he earned so much money at the quiz show. But his parents wanted more money and Sticky got too much stress, so he came out of the home and passed the test so he became the member of Benedict society. The last member is Constance Contraire who is very young and adopted by the Mr. Benedict. Nicholas Benedict is the captain of the ‘Mysterious Benedict society’ and he is twin with a Mr. Curtain and both of them have hypnolepsy, but Mr. Benedict get in to sleep when he is laughing too much, and Mr. Curtain get in to sleep when he is in anger. Also they have one more similar thing and it is their clever brain. But they use them in opposite way.
Second, I’ll introduce about the main story. At the newspaper, there was a paper about the ‘Mysterious Benedict society” which is the team for the clever children. Many children tried to become a member of the Benedict society. First test was easy, but the second test was very hard that many people gave up and only 3 children passed. It was just a question that changed the question about one thing, and Georgy Washington, Reynie Muldoon, and Kate Wetherall passed the test. The third test was going to the other side of the room, and they all passed. But Mr. Benedict put one more child named Constance Contraire. So they become a one team. Their assignment was stoping some strange message. So they go to the school made for most intelligent and resourceful school which was made by the Mr. Curtain who the person is making some strange message. That school was having many strange points. They don’t have rules and they have a messenger student. Mr. Curtain was making whisperer which is making a strange message and he was going to make people move as what he want by giving them message in unconscious. They kept contacting with Mr. Benedict by Morse code and finally they make the Mr.curtain not to make the Whisperer work, and Mr.curtain ran away.

Even though it’s almost 500pages long, it makes me very curious about the next story so that I could read it very easily. Although it is long, while reading this story, you will be in to this story.


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