※This bookreview contains lots of SPOILERS.※

In this story, ‘The Bad Beginning’, the author keep anouncing that the story has bad ending. So if you like happy ending, please stop reading this book and try others. But when I read this book, ending was not very bad. It means someone who doesn’t like bad ending also can read this book. 

One day when three Baudlair children were playing on the beach, their parents died because of terrible fire. Their neighbor Mr.Poe anounced them their parents died and left lots of fortune to them. He wanted to take care of children, but he was very poor. So he found Count Olaf, far relative of Baudlair children. For a moment, here I’ll introduce three Baudlair children. The eldest daughter, Violet was fourteen years old and great amateur inventor. Klaus was twelve years old boy who loved to read books. Sunny, the youngest girl was an infant with powerfull teeth. They were kind children and have charming faces. But Count Olaf was a greedy man, who treats children very bad. He makes them do hard chores and make dinner for his ten friends. Also, he smashed Klaus’s face because he didn’t perfectly agreed with him. He was like bad stepmother in Cinderella(actually he was stepfather).

Several days later, Count Olaf said to Violet that she must do bride in theater named ‘marvellous marriage’ and treated her so nice. They felt something’s odd so read some books from neighbor Justiss Strauss. Finally, Klaus figured out that the ‘marvellous marriage’ is not just theater play, it’s real. Count Olaf tried to marry with violet because of Baudlair fortune. He locked their little sister Sunny on the top of the tower and blackmailed them to obey him. It was terrible situation but Violet signed with her left hand on marriage agreement document. Actually, she was right-handed like most of people. Becaue of that trick, people who came to watch that play tried to catch Count Olaf and give him to police. Anyway, Coun Olaf and his friends ran way and children were moved to other relative’s house. The second book will start from there.

Trick and reversal were interesting. I like this author’s way of story telling. This is a story book and has no lessons in it, and because of that I recommend this book to you guys. It’s a comfortable book to ‘just enjoy’. I read the story several times. Now I’d like to borrow next series


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