Do you know something make you very happy, sad or concentrate? Most of people in EWC and ETC think that I have passion in makaron only, but it’s not. With a small quadrangle-shaped block, you can make almost everything in the world. Isn’t that amazing? Most of people said that lego is toy for young children. How foolish! They could say that because they don’t know how fun to make something I want or you want. When I build a small town with lego it’s not very difficult, but spend lots of time. It’s long and steady work. My neck and shoulders are sick. After I finish my work and look down what I did, I feel like I am a god of lego city. There are plastic people(citizen), houses, bus, school and etc. now my town grows faster and bigger. My mother try to get rid of my lego town every time when we clean up our house.

A block with four points. There are many kinds of blocks in this world(how thankful). They are seems to similar because differences are only big or small, long or short and thick or thin. But when that about the same blocks are gether up, they makes miracle. It can be city, factory, or starwars millennium falcon. Finished products are almost art. When you feel boring to follow directions, you can build a building on your own. It’s not very easy. I spend all night to make a small house on my way, but once you get acclimatize then it becomes fascinating.

Lego makes dream comes true. If you want to have a motocycle but you don’t have enough money to buy it. Then go to the nearest market and buy a motocycle lego set. Of course you can’t drive it but most of students in my age (13 ~ 15) are not allowed to ride one, so it’s same worth. If you imagined something and you really wants to see that in reality, use lego and build one. The only material that we should get in lego block, and imagination.






I love lego, but I don’t have lots of lego. I buy one big set and build in several ways. Because I am a student that has not much money in my pocket. So, if you read this writing, donate some money to poor writer.


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