I started playing piano not that specially. When I was eight years old, I went to the piano academy in our village as my other friends do. I did not think that was special, but now I can know that it was the start.

The academy was fun because I was with my friends. We used to gossip when we were not playing piano. That was funnier than playing piano at that time actually. The teachers made me color the apple in my note when I finished my practicing. I could go home if I did my practice that teacher said so. I played piano in concert so I practiced one piece of music so much that I even remember the melody of it until now. However I wanted to play another song which my neighbor practicing, but it was too hard to me.

I learned vocal music in the academy too. I used to do errand copying a music book. I got some money from my teacher and went to the stationery store but one day, there was no money in my pocket when I was arrived at the store! I lost it. This story is not connected directly with playing the piano, but I remember this accident when I think about the time that I learned piano in the academy.

When some years have been left, I quit the academy and I got an individual lesson so I did not go out to learn piano, but a teacher came to my house and taught me. Usually I went to the academy right after the school finished carrying my big bag. When I was young, I was so small that my bag is bigger than me. So that I liked that thing because I do not have to go to academy, but I could not get used to a new teacher’s teaching style. The teacher taught me much freely than what I have been taught. However I met the teacher for more than 5 years.

When I don’t like to play piano, the teacher said “When you feel bad, play the piano. Maybe you don’t want to but someday, you will.” Or “someday you will like to play the piano even nobody say to you play it.” Honestly, I did not believe because I really did not want to play the piano.
However, now I believe what she said 100%. Now I play the piano even my mother says to me stop playing a piano and study. I want to play the piano more when the test day is coming. Sadly, it has more magnetism on the test day.


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