I want you a book named ‘Hoot’. Asyou see the name of it, It’s owl’s voice. It’s kind of intresting. Isn’t it? Even the cover felt special to me, because it was very unique. It was little emmbrasing to me. It was so simple, and i’ve never seen it like that. Maybe you will wonder that why I felt that. I will tell you the reason, there are blue base, and on it.. there is a face of an owl. If I tell it more delicate, two eyes, and one beak, and it was it, no more thing. It made me to pull out the book of the books of the bookshelf, and to buy it. Even I bout it two years ago, It’s still one of my favorite book.
At the biggining, there is a scene that main character, Roy, watching mysterious boy. The’ Mysterious boy ‘ was intresting to Roy, cause he was diffirent. (He never saw a person like that boy) Roy found the boy was bare foot. Since then, Roy begun to wait him. I liked this part, because It made me feel like I was in that book because that boy attracted curiosity of me, not only Roy, and I like the expression that author,Carl Hiaasen used. For example : his bare foot was like a black coal. Like this, author used many dramatic expression in the book, and I liked those thinkgs, so It made the book more amusing.
After that mysterious meeting, Roy meets some girl, and he found the ‘boy’ was her brother. Actually, the one who liked that boy was just a roy, cause his sister thought the ‘boy’ was strange.., you know, little crazy…, but it made me to like the boy more. More intresting. After that, Roy meets the ‘boy’.. and find out that the boy is trying to save the owl. At the land that adults are going to build someting, white owl is living, but no one pay attention to the owls. Since then, Roy decied to save the owl with the boy.
Ah! I have forgot something…. The boy’s name was Mulet Finger. It’s little funny, I think, and also I think It;s a right name to a boy like him..
I had like the another scene, too. Something thatI forgot to tell you was Roy’s school. Roy didn’t do well at new school, so he didn’t had any friend, and some kid was even bullying him. Anyway, someday, Roy got a project with.,…the’bully’. Even if I’m noyt a main chracter, I didn’t liked it. I thought I will going to be bad, but It wasn’t. THe ‘bully’, Dana, and Roy became frinds…and they even found they had a same hobby
You will wonder what ending will be it. I was curious untill finishing the test. So maybe you are waiting for thw end, but I think It will be good to not to tell the ending. Instead of telling the ending, I will promise you someting…. This book will be fantastic.


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