Once, their was a steak. That steak was born with love and sacrifice of its mother. It is true that the mother loved the steakling. She feed him with fresh green grass, chewing it first making it easier to digest so that the steakling can eat. She also kept the steakling warm with her body so he wont catch a cold. And till the end she keeps him safe. The newly born steak is put in the refrigerator. After growing strong and even healthier through many tests, the steakling is now ready to move to a high-class restaurant and goes in to a new and better refrigerator. There he becomes a real steak and prepares day hours for the reason he was born. To be eaten by me.

I have passion for eating steak. If you have a passion for something, it means you have a very strong interest in it and like it very much. Most people may have passion in watching movies, games, or doing what they like. I this, I love eating steak and I enjoy it. When I eat steak, I always go to a high-class restaurant. I don’t eat it at home, or just anywhere. It has to be in a restaurant. This is because the taste is different when you eat in a restaurant then somewhere else. It has more …….something. The quality and the ambience, flavor etc. all counts when eating steak as well. The problem’s the price. All of this costs like more than 200thousand won( Korean money) going there once. Because of this, my parents only take me to the steakhouse on special days like my birthday or the graduation ceremony. (_ _) I have to many enemies for my passion. This is one of the reasons why I don’t like money. I feel very good when my parents say their going to take me to the restaurant to eat steak. My smile goes up to my ears when I do. The best part is when I actually eat the steak. Starting from cutting the steak to digesting it. I like my steak medium well done. Not raw, and not cooked too much.

When I receive my 25000won medium well done steak, the smell starts to tempt my nose making me want to eat quickly. Thinking about the juicy tender steak going in my mouth one at a time just makes me feel like I’m in heaven. I even like it when I’m cutting the steak. That is also one of the best parP5048668t.


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