Passion about the Movie


Have you ever seen a movie twice at the cinema? If you don’t have any passion about the movie, you won’t see it twice. I have seen a movie that I saw twice at the cinema. It is ‘Les miserables’. I watch it on 2nd and 30th, January. At the first time, I just listened carefully about the melodies. However, at the second time, I joined it together. I sang it with the actors without my voice. I think this movie is the most wonderful movie which I’ve seen. It is kind of musical movie. I’ve never saw this kind of movie before, so this movie is new world for me. I’m curious about this movie.

This story is about a man named ‘Jean Valjean’. He had a prison life for 19 years. He released on parole and started to find his new life. He met a holy father and decided to be a good man. He disguised himself and used a new name ‘Madelaine’. He became a mayor, and helped the poor. He met a woman who named Fantine and tried to help her. However, she was close to die. She entrusted her daughter Cosette. Before he met Cosette, the inspector Javert tried to arrest him. Jean Valjean escaped with Cosette from Javert. Many years later, Cosette became a pretty woman. Marius who is the revolutionist fell in love with her. After revolution lots of people die, but Jean Valjean rescued Marius from death. Finally Cosette and Marius got married. Then the movie ends with the death of Jean Valjean.

The reason I love this movie is because of the songs from the movie. The original of the movie is from Victor Hugo’s book and the book was made in musical. This movie is made of the musical, so it’s full of music and melodies. Every single word is sung by the actors. The melodies of the words are sometimes same, but they have different feeling. I think that is one of incredible things in the movie. Main themes of each character are amazing. The songs include all of the character. Plus all the songs are great to hear them. I downloaded all the songs. When I listen to the song I can imagine the scene that the song is sung. Therefore every time that I listen to the songs, I feel I’m in the movie theater.

One thing that I was really surprised was the actors and actresses. All of them sang very well. Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, and Helena Bonham Carter are well-known players. Therefore it’s amazing for me that the famous players also sang very well. It’s really unfair I think, don’t you think so? Each actor gives me great impact. I thought Anne Hathaway is really beautiful actress when acts cat woman at the ‘Bat man’, but that’s all. I thought that she is just beautiful. However, after I saw the movie, my thought changed. Hathaway was dramatically awesome at the scene that she cried and sang the song named ‘I dreamed a dream’. Her exclamation was very impressive. Helena Bonham Carter was amazing, too. I memorize her with Bellatrix Lestragne in Harry Potter. In Harry Potter, she seems like a mad person, but in this movie she was comical. Samantha Barks who played Éponine was awesome. She is musical player before, so her solo scene was incredible. I think she is the best performer in the movie I think. She acts Éponine’s one-side-love very well. When she sings a song named ‘On my own’, I couldn’t keep back my tears.
anne hathaway

(Anne Hathaway)


(Éponine : Samantha Barks)

Helena Bonham Carter

(Helena Bonham Carter)

 I think the movie ‘Les miserables’ is my own first movie which I am really passionate about it. I listen to the music almost every day for some days after I saw this movie, and imagine the scene of this movie. Every song showed the scene inside of my head. Before I see ‘Les miserables’, I don’t like movie which seems like musical. However, I can feel the charm of the musical and really enjoy the movie and the songs. Also, I want to read the book ‘Les miserable’, too. If you have a chance, why don’t you see this movie with you special person.


(Poster of the Les Miserables)


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