Passionate means you are really like something and want to do that thing. I think there will be nobody who doesn’t have what the person really wants to do. What you are passionate about can be playing computer games, watching movie, or going shopping. What are you passionate about? I am passionate about sports. Since I was young, I have learned many sports and I am learning some sports these days too. From the age of 8 until now, I learned soccer, swimming, basketball, table tennis, billiards, ski, snow board. And now I’m learning balling.

Why I like sports so much? There are many reasons.

First, sports make me feel good. When I make a goal in soccer, hit a strike in balling game, or feel the fresh air while I come down snowboarding, I really feel good. And after exercising, I feel a little tired but I feel sense of accomplishment so the water that I drink after exercise is really sweat.

Sports make my stress gone too. Most people have stress, and they have their own way to relieve their stress. They can relieve their stress by computer games, sleeping, or listening music. But my way to relieve my stress is sports. After playing sports, all my stress had gone and I become happy. So when I am angry or sad, I go out and play soccer or basketball with my friends then I feel much better.

Sports make it is easy to make friends. I have many friends. Some of my friends are my school friend, but most of my friends are my sports friend. By learning many sports since I was young, I met many friends in my teams or my sports classes. And now I am making friends in my sports class too.

For these reasons, I am passionate about and like sports. Then now, what are you passionate about?


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