Passion, do you have passion? What are you passionate about? I have passion in art. I like drawing, painting, sculpturing, modeling etc. When I am drawing pictures, making little crafts, I just forget everything around and only concentrate on the thing inside my hand that is slowly starting to get its shape.

I started to draw pictures since I was a little girl and I really enjoyed doing it. When I was bored, I always took out a sketch book, a pencil, and colored pencils and expressed what’s in my head with my hand on the blank sheet of paper. When it was art class, I never spent a lot of time thinking what I should draw. I just copied the picture in my head on the paper. I didn’t talk to anybody while I was drawing. And after a few hours, when I looked at the finished picture, I was always proud of it.

I like painting, molding and other things too, but I like modeling the most. It is able to see it from all the sides and it is fun making because it is three dimensional. I like making it with normal brown clay. It is slightly cold and shapeless when it first gets inside your hands but after you shape it, trim it up, and dry it, the product will be a wonderful work, only one in the whole wide world that you made with a beautiful color of a slight gold brown.

Not only at school in art class. I also made things at home. At home I usually remodel boxes or wooden things that nobody uses. Normally I wrap the boxes with bits of wrapping paper that left after using and put ribbons. I use napkins to remodel wooden products. It is called ‘napkin art’. It turns out beautifully when it is finished.

Art is what I am passionate about. I can do anything when I am doing art. That’s one thing I like about art. I can make the thing I am imagining. And express it in my own way. That’s another thing I like about it.


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