Mudo Members with Psy on the stage at Time Square

Did you see the stage of Psy and MC Hammer at Time Square on the last day of 2012? It was a great issue in Korea that Psy was on the stage at Time Square on new year’s eve with MC Hammer, singing his song ‘강남스타일GangNam Style’. On that stage, you may saw the two man who were in Psy’s music video, who are also called as the ‘Elevator Guy’ and the ‘Yellow Guy’. Psy had invited No HongChul(Elevator Guy) and Yoo Jae-Seok(Yellow Guy) to performance in his stage with him so Yoo Jae-Seok and No HongChul and Ha-Ha(who followed with them)  could be in the stage with Psy, showing their faces to countless numbers of people in the world. The three of them are the members of a TV show called 무한도전MuHanDoJeon and they also filmed trip to Ameriac, New York and their stages in Time Square as the member of 무한도전MuHanDoJeon. 무한도전 (Infinite Challenge) is a Korean variety program telecasting in MBC, every Saturday 6:30. It was started since 2005, and had passed many seasons like 무모한 도전(Reckless Challenge), 무리한 도전(Impractical Challenge), 퀴즈의 달인(the Expert of Quiz), and finally became 무한도전MuhandoJeon and it is continued till today for 8 years (※Reckless challenge, impractical challenge are names of pun, adding the word 모mo and 리ri between the word 무한도전MuHanDoJeon). MuHanDoJeon is one of the most popular, famous TV shows in Korea and it is byword for the ‘Reality-Variety Show’ and is loved by countless peoples with it’s unique style and characteristic members.

Mudo is loved by lots of people because of it’s creative items. At first, 무한도전MuHanDoJeon(abbreviated ‘무도Mudo’)’s main contents were literally doing the reckless, impractical challenges like playing tug-of war with a bull, standing straight in a roughly driving bus, wearing lipstick on a roller coaster. As time passed by, the characteristic of the show changed slowly, and after a year, the show announced their new name ‘MuHanDoJeon’ and started as a creative program with no particular forms. Unlike other variety programs, it doesn’t has any basic forms for the show so they always tries new creative items with no plans each and every week. Mudo has attracted enormous numbers of peoples with it’s unique style and creative ideas, for example song festivals held every 2 years, running with a bag of money, surviving in a desert island, bobsleigh, wrestling, getting psychiatric evaluation and sleeping in a tent on a bungee jumping tower above 55 meters high. Each items look very ridiculous at first, but the members proceeds the show anyhow, giving the audiences huge laughters. Mudo also has very special style of subtitles. Between the subtitles which explains the situations and showing what the members said, the producers of Mudo also put the subtitles showing the thoughts of the producers in their point of view in a very friendly, but acid talking. For example, if one of the members say ‘I would abandon Mudo if I can success in America as a comedian!’, the producers would add a subtitle written ‘…you betrayer…’ in a very serious looking font. These subtitles help the audiences to understand what the producers may think while the show and make them laugh, feeling more familiar with the producers, too. That kind of characteristic of Mudo has formed enormous numbers of manias and the 15% the audience rating is always fixed. Mudo is also famous as having the title of top honor in concentrativeness of the audience.

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Mudo members learning Rowing

For another reason why Mudo is so fun and popular is that they doesn’t have any scripts for their show, Most of the TV programs have scripts written what to do during the show and how the show would flow, at least a brief description about how it will be progressed. However, Mudo only has a script about the setting and descriptions or rules of the item and what are they going to film that day. No any words about the progress of the show are written in the scripts. Actually, the staffs had given the members at least simple ments for the opening or some particular situations at first to help the show, but the members ignored the ments and did everything they wanted. Thanks to that, even the minimum guidelines which the production crew had made for the show had disappeared, and now every ments, actions and the progress of the show is hanged on the members. The members have to lead the program by their selves and it makes the show more interesting and unpredictable so the audiences can’t expect what will happen next. Letting the members to head the program emphasizes the reality of the show and gives the audiences more fun, but sometimes it gets into a strange situation because of the dogmatic actions of the members caused by wrong decisions or misunderstanding of the rule. It sometimes also incurs miserable situations like finishing the show so early by accident, making the whole plans into nothing…

Few years ago, they had telecasted the special featured show about Zombie. It costed the biggest amount of estimated costs with grand scale of sets produced with the concept of a ruined village because of the zombies. Numerous peoples about 500 were put into the set with zombie makeups of every special makeup artists in MBC. The title of that grand project was ’28 Years Later’. They advertised their biggest, probably the greatest programs ambitiously for weeks and made the all audiences to have an great expectation. However 7 days before the zombie project, the show intimated a strange mood for the zombie project, and a week later, the zombie show only lasted for just about 15 minutes. What happened? There was a vaccine to ‘save the world from the angriness virus but Yoo Jae-Seok had dropped the vaccine on the floor because of the zombie which sprang out from the dark right after he got the vaccine. Their great efforts and countless money to plan and produce this grand project vanished into ashes just after 15 minutes. Yoo Jae-Seok suggested the members and the producers to try again and filmed the show once again.However they decided that the refilmed show was so artificial, and just telecast the first one although it will only last for 15 minutes. After that, the zombie special was also called as the ‘Doomed Masterpiece’ for showing the real reality although the show was all doomed, and the producers changed the title of the project into ’28 Minutes After’. Also, the producers had to write a long written apology to their heads after that project.


Miserable scenery of the broken Vaccine

Another special characteristic of Mudo is that the harmony of the 7 members are fantastic. There are many people who was in Mudo, but after few years members became fixed and 7 members became the final fixed memebers. Their names are Yoo Jae-Seok  Park Myeong-Su, Jeong Jun-ha, Jeong Hyeong-Don, No HongChul, Ha-Ha and Gil. They’ve been in Mudo for almost 8 years and they are all very familiar with each other through numerous extraordinary missions together. All 7 members has their own unique characters similar to their characteristics and also they all has a marked individuality. However the 8 years of Mudo was enough for the members to notice their own weak points and also the whole characteristics and odd habits of the other members. They are able to expect other members’ following actions or words after their talk and even understands each others with only looking into their eyes without any words. Those points may be a good part in good friendships, but to the members while the cameras are on, it is fatal because their thoughts could become known to the rest of the members and it could be disadvantageous. Some may think the progress of the show would be obvious if all the members know what the others would do next, but you may not worry about that part. Mudo members are special friends and are connected with strong friendships, but they also has a strong competitive spirit at the same time. They always does their utmost to win ‘alone’ among the others and continuously makes reversals on their actions and thinking to trick other members, while trying their best to give the audiences best fun they can give.

Mudo is very free with it’s form and it almost doesn’t has any limit for it’s items. They tries everything and always gets a good result and gives the audiences satisfactions and big laughters. I’m one of the biggest fans of Mudo and I’ve been almost watching it since it was started. The audience who have been watching Mudo for a long time would be able to see the change of the members in their looks, characteristics, values and habits. By looking all the changes of Mudo and also watching the members getting married one by one, Mudo and the audience are like familiar friends who knows lots of things about each others. Those points makes more fun while watching it in many parts. I don’t watch any TV programs because I am too lazy to remember that I have to see those programs, but I never forgets to see Mudo. Mudo is my life!♥ It is not too much to say that I waits a week only to see it! It gives me so much joy and makes me laugh too much so that after Mudo is finished, my muscles on my face and stomach goes into convulsions. I forgets the time while watching it, and if I miss just even 5 minutes, I gets angry for missing my precious Mudo time. As the mania of Mudo who have been watching it for almost 8 years I have great pride with it. My father likes picking quarrels to me and my sister and some times says strange words about Mudo. Whenever my father picks a fight about it, me and my sister always makes an impassioned speech defending Mudo with proper basis and eloquent speech. Mudo is my pride and I have great passion with it. No one can pick a fight about Mudo to me. If somebody wants to pick fights with it, let them watch some famous episodes of Mudo. They would love them right away!

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