‘Passion’ is a thing or movement you are really crazy about. Like, almost all the people in the world have something that they are passionate about. For example, teenagers might be passionate about idols or TV programs. Maybe adults are passionate about stocks so some of them may fail in speculation and go under. Mothers can be passionate about finding a good academy for their children. And some teenagers like me, may be passionate collecting albums of music artists.

I started collecting albums since year 2011. The reason I first bought the albums were because of the qualities. Hearing music by the earphones are not the same as the CDs. And the bonus tracks are very rare in download systems. So I started buying albums.

Usually albums are not cheap. If it’s a deluxe edition, not single, the price is higher. But I still buy them. Listening to Cds while reading a book, is fantastic. Whenever you feel tired during the book, you just have to close your eyes for a moment and relax, and enjoy the music more carefully. Also, you feel proud when you see the piles of the albums. The best moment is when you have the rare item of the artist.

The best thing about buying albums is this. – You can feel different things every single time you play it. Obviously earphones and phones can’t really make the best background beats. But albums can. Honestly you also have to care about the cd players too, but still, it’s better.

I just bought another album yesterday. Music is passion with me. Music makes my stress and dilemma disappear. Maybe that’s why I am passionate about collecting albums. I don’t care about artists; I don’t care about the price. I just care about the qualities and the music. I wish I can keep up collecting them, and I can’t give up collecting them.
‘Passion’ is a thing or thoughts or movement that you are really crazy about.

Now, what are you really passionate about?


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