Last week, we went to the Hoegi station in Dongdaemun.  I’d only heard about Hoegi station and never stop at there so I was excited. I was team with Tony and Hosan. It was cold and snowy outside so we use an umbrella and started walk, It was so cold and I didn’t understand why we were going outside in this terrible weather. We just walk and so lots of shops and coffee shop and just lots of snow. Brent wanted to go inside the backstreet. Brent always wanted small houses and we followed Brent. The backstreet was going high so we were all tired and bored about the observation. I thought that it was the worst observation in my life. Than Brent took us into the café and order 8 hot chocolate for us. The cup of café was so beautiful that everybody took picture. Everybody’s mind changed when Brent bought hot chocolate. We drank it and after 5 o’clock, Brent were searching for way home. He just walk everywhere and didn’t know how to go home back. After Brent found way to home, we walked and saw National University. It was huge and modern so I thought it is good place to go. We took a subway to Seokgye station and everybody left except Brent and Jean. I was able to go with them, but I need to took a subway to Suwon with my family. For this observation, I think it was good because of Brent’s 8 hot chocolate. Hoegi dong was very large town with lots of shops but lots of small houses. I hope that next observation’s weather would be better than today.Image


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