Nowon Eco center is located next to Nowon Madle stadium. I didn’t know about eco center even I’m living in Nowon for 14 years but I could guess that it is like a museum. In real, it is. Its purposes are introduced on the pamphlet which printed on recycled paper. First, ‘people with nature’ so it is a place for education. It is using for expanding education of environment so there are many teachers and programs. Second, ‘Reduce CO2’ This place leads citizen’s participation for correspondence for climate changing and crisis of humanity. Last, it is a place of participation and communication that every citizen can use and join in. I read this pamphlet after I looked around the center, so I could understand what it said. Now, I will introduce more about eco center. It will make you interested in it.

“How it built”

Nowon Eco center is a building operated without fossil fuel. This building was recycled too. The windowsills of previous were recycled for the ceiling of basement and the floor on 1st floor is also recycled that was thrown away in close down school and the stone of previous building was recycled for an outer wall and stairs of the basement. This building introduces the systems that save the energy. It reinforced insulation so that it can minimize hit loss and it install triple gazing window, high performance LED and heat recovery ventilator. It also produce the energy not only saving.


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