On the 12th of January, our class went to Dongdaemun market. We didn’t just go in to any market. We went to 3 big markets in order. 동대문 종합시장, 평화시장, and Doota. These three places had different customers with different needs. From this Dongdaemun observation, I knew more about the markets and how the three markets work.

We first went to 동대문 종합시장, it was much bigger than I thought. 동대문 종합시장 is a material market. As I went in, I saw these huge piles of materials on the sides and people looking at them and choosing the ones they like. In this market, you can choose the materials yourself and design clothes like whatever you want. You can make a red dress with dragon on or make a jacket with black and white spots in the inside. I think that’s the best thing about this market. On the second, there were full of beautiful colored hanboks. There were the most wonderful hanboks I have ever seen. There were also the smallest ones. The small ones were so cute and adorable.

Next we went to 평화시장. 평화시장 is the most biggest clothing wholesale market in Korea. This market is known that it was started with refugees in the Korean War. 60% of the refugees were northern and the rest were southern. They made clothes and dyed the Americans soldiers’ clothes. The clothing made here are cheap and good. This place were less crowded and more quite than the other two markets. There were lots of different and good designs. We couldn’t take pictures inside so we walked around a little and came out.

The last place we went was Doota, a fashion specialty store. Inside, here were full of people. This place is the place where most people go when they come to Dongdaemun. Doota is similar to a department store, except that it is all clothes. This is the place where they sell clothes that were designed and bought from 평화시장 to ordinary people. There were a few things I felt when I looked around. Korean people are geniuses in designing. The clothes, bags, shoes were fabulous.

Dongdaemun was an amazing place. You get the materials from 동대문 종합시장, design and change them in to beautiful clothes and sell them to companies in 평화시장, and sell them to us in places like Doota. I think this observation was one of the best observations I have had.


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