The center of the fashion, Dongdaemun


  Last Saturday, I had EWC class with new friends. Before I joined this class   I heard about the class from Jean and Jina. They always said their class was very fun, so I really expected with my new class. The class started and Brent said we would go to Dongdaemun. I heard it before, but I didn’t believe it. I never thought that it was real to go Dongdaemun. Anyway, we headed to the station. At the subway, we chatted and chatted. It was amazingly excited. This project seemed like a small trip. After we arrived at Dongdaemun station, Brent explained where we would go to. We passed Dongdaemun underground shopping center. There were lots of carpets underground. Then, we arrived at our first place.

At the first place, lots of things were sold. Blankets, pillows, even spoons and chopsticks are there, too. We went up stories and there were lots of hanboks(Korean traditional clothes). Every store had lots of silks to made hanboks. The color was very various and luxurious. Therefore the hanboks which were made of the silks were fantastically beautiful. Also, I could see some hanboks for babies. Those were small and cute. During having a look at the hanboks, I remembered my old hanboks that I wore it long times ago. We came down the stairs and there were new things to see. Lots of accessories and its materials were there. There were lace, ribbons, badge, etc. If I have a chance, I wanted to buy some materials and make my own accessories. I didn’t know what the place’s name is. After I search I got it and it is Dongdaemun Composite Market.

Our second place was Pyounghwa market. There were various clothes. Most of the clothes weren’t my style. I saw some imitation clothes of famous brand, too. Maybe this place was unlikable place. Plus, this place didn’t sell to us. They sold those things by the hundred. It is the market for the retailers. We called this kind of sellers as for wholesaler. Brent said “If the retailers choose nice clothes, they could be riches. If not, they could be poor.” During seeing this place, I had never seen the clothes which are my style. Therefore, I wanted to go next place.

The last place of today’s project was ‘Doota’. This building was full of shops and the shops were filled with fashion items. I thought my favorite place of this project was here. Every single floor sold different kinds of the items. First floor was Designer Gallery. I could see lots of women’s clothes. Second floor was Young Career. Lots of women’s clothes were here, too. Third floor was Luxury, bag and shoes. There were the shops of the famous brand. I like this place, because I like to go shopping or window shopping. Men’s wears were at the fourth floor. Last, we went to the fifth floor. Fifth floor was my favorite floor in this building. There were cosmetics and accessories. I love to look those things. There were also sixth, seventh, eighth floors. However we didn’t go.

The Dongdaemun tour was awesome. It was really fun and exciting. I think this tour is more special, because it is the first time with my new friends. Also, I can learn and experience about economic system of market. I think the saying that Dongdaemun is the center of the fashion is right. We can find material shops, wholesale shop, and retail shops. One thing that I was sad was Jean didn’t come with us. Next time, I wanted everybody go together.



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