Do you know where these clothes came from??? If you go to DongDaeMun, you can see how these clothes are made. So we went three places. We went to the material shop, wholesale market, and retail shops named Doota. In this paper, I’ll write about the process, how clothes are made and how these things came to the market to sell.
First, when you visit the material shop, you can see a lot of things. You can buy the fabrics, wappens, badges, laces, etc. And the shops that sell these products are too big so we couldn’t see all. But usually you can’t buy only small amount of materials at here, because they sell these in big amounts like, 100, 200, etc. for making clothes.
Second, we went to the whole sale market. At there, they displayed many kinds of clothes for children to adults. So many designers and shop owners came here to get good items from here to sell. But at here there are many clothes that are mixed so you must be careful to choose the clothes. Because the product you choose at this market can be very famous or let some markets to fail.
Last, we go to the big building named Doota. This building was full of retail markets and the products at this retail markets are beautiful. They all have themes at market and you can choose well developed products at retail market. You also can buy in small amount at retail market, but some are more expensive.
I never been Dong Dae mun to see some products like materails, or clothes, I think it was very interesting adventure to me. If I have chance I would like to visit there once more not for the writing project, to choose and do window shopping at DongDaemun.


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