Last Saturday, our class went to Dong dae mun. I knew it before class, and I was nervous because I don’t know exactly where we go. My parents were with me when I use public transportation. So, at the firs time I concentrated to follow my team. But when we arrived my eyes were so busy to see everything around me. It was like a adventure to me. Looking around was very exciting! I could see many things there. Our class visited three places.

First place was full of newly married couple and some other people. This place looks boring outside but when you open market’s door and step in, it like wonderland in Alice story. I could see tablewares, dishes, blanker, pillow, curtain, patterned table and Korean traditional clothes. They looks cool! Lots of colours and design. Teacher notified that when we take photograph we should very careful because some of them are their design. Anyway, I couldn’t stop take photo because it was first time that I go there and things were amazing.

Secon place was ‘Peace Market’. I heard, of course from teacher again, in this place foreigners from somother company visit and trade. I wondered that what kinds of things are selling here. That was clothes! Nomal clothes as we wear, for foriegners. Many sorts of clothes as shirts, trousers, skirt, etc. There were wholesale market. It means that you can buy things in large amount. But not very expansive price. We looked aroun, and there were lots of styles. Some were cute and some were simple. I thought I could understand why foreign company visit here. It was very cool place, too.

Third place was department store. Lots of decorations and lights. Many floors. Mannequins were wearing nice clothes and saleswoman were standing beside it. This place was especially crowded. It was like a museum of style in Dong dae mun. Girls enjoyed this place very much but boys looke like so tired and bored. we went to upstair and separated. Girls wanted to remain there and me too. But my mother didn’t allowed me to late, so I came back to Seongbuk station. It was hard to seach for the bus to go home. But it was very interesting experience to me. 

I could see three diferent kinds of markets and learn about their funtion. It was cold outside but we sightseeing inside of markets, which was warm. This was first time that I go out in EWC class. I thing if like this, the other trips will be enjoyable too. 


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