Heogi Station

That day, I think we will not go anywhere. Because it was snowing, so I want to be in class, but when I went in to the class, I heard we will going to the Hoegi Station. Though I was very tired, I was happy because my team was only a boy, calvin and hosan. We went outside of the library and we walked to wolgye station through the snow. While we were at the subway, I saw an old crazy woman talking about the Bible. It was the common situation in the subway.

When we arrive at heogi station, I saw an old beggar woman. I know it was not funny, but I could not stop laughing. Otherwise, I want to give money to that woman. We went out of station, and it was noisy and cold. I was worry that we had no plan. It was kind of adventure! I like adventure in sunny day, but that day was snowy. We went anywhere we want, and going around the Heogi station. At that time, I saw the korea university in the road sign, I wanted to go there, but we went to different ways. I was sad, because Korea University is one of my favorite. While we were going around, many foods catch our eyes. I was so hungry, but I have money just a little bit to ride subway. “I would have lots of money if I know where we are going!” I was so regret!

As we walked far from the station, many shops connected our ways. Also, there was so many cafes in our ways. And I wonder why so many cafes are here. As far as we are going, I was more hungry! When we get more tired and hungry, teacher went inside the cafe. I was so happy that we are going to take a rest. At the cafe, we went to second floor, there was lots of couples, so I wanted to go third floor, but it was smoking area. we sat down close to the window. Outside of the window was Hanguk university of Foreign studies. Now, I notice that close to the university, there are many cafes. I think cafes would be more at the famous universities such like Seoul national University and Korea University. We drank hot chocolate, it was so delicious because we were very hungry and tired. And when I opened the cover of hot chocolate, it was so beautiful to see.  While we were drinking, we talked about our ‘no plan adventure’ , and I think it was awful.

This was kind of adventure, becasue we had no plan. If someone ask me to go adventure, I will go there again, but we would better make a plan to go there. Adventure without no plan is crazy.!


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