A trip to DongDaeMun was very tired. All we did there was window shopping. I didn’t eat breakfast and lunch that day. If I had money with me, I would’ve bought something to eat even if it my traffic expenses to go home. But all I had was T-money with only about 800won. I just decided to suffer rather than using my 800won to eat and walk home.

At DongDaeMun, we visited 3 different places. The material shop, the wholesale shop and the retail shop. Every shop had a different feeling and sold clothes differently too.

The material shop was very interesting. There they sell materials for the clothes you want to wear. The best part about this is that you get to choose the materials you want for your very own clothes made just for you. I didn’t know about this fact until I’ve been to DongDaeMun.

For the whole sale shop and the retail shop, there is nothing that special to talk about because it is like the rest of the shops.

The fun part of visiting DongDaeMun is that there are not many places like this in the world and there are so many clothes to look. They have almost everything about clothes there. Also, there are many young people and foreigners visiting. For girls, it is a paradise. What is not fun is when you go there only for window shopping, or when you brought no money with you. It feels like you came with your mom for carrying heavy bags for her.


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