1357976488808Our class went to dong dae mun this time. I didn’t know it till I arrived in class. I have been to dong dae mun several times, but it had been a long time since I’ve been there. So I was excited. Like, I really like eye-shopping, and dong dae mun is pretty good to do it. And mostly, there are many things to see, and write.

It took 10mins to arrive at dong dae mun from wolgye station. When we got out of the station, we could see ‘peace market’. ‘Peace market’ is where people sell things and buy things. I’ve heard that you can buy the same thing cheaper than the other markets. ‘Peace market’ is almost all grey on the outside. And there are really many small stores around them.

Inside of the ‘peace market’, you can see Korean traditional clothes, curtains, and other many things. To my surprise, there were many people who came to dong dae mun to just buy things. Because it’s cheap!

Usually the places where people trade are dirty and isolated. But the good thing is, they are cheap! And they sell DIY things, so you can also make something with it, and sell them.

When the people finish trading, they sell it at ‘doota’ doota is a really great place to do eye-shopping and real shopping. There are many fancy clothes. The first floor is full of grown-up’s clothes, and the second floor is full of teenager clothes. And the other floors are full of accessories, bags, make ups etc.

I did a really good eye-shopping, and there are many shops like doota in dong dae mun. Maybe if you’re foreigner, the storekeeper may cost the price higher. but even that will be cheaper than the other places. So if you need some new clothes, or new bags and other things, I think it’s a good idea to visit dong dae mun!


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