What do you think, when you hear the word ‘welfare center’? maybe you’ll think same as me like “ just a service center with few people working in it” but after iI went to the wolgye welfare center, i think” a really great center with many people working in it and many people getting happy with it.” I never thought a welfare center was that good.

At first when we arrived there, the door was locked everywhere. We had to wait, and I didn’t really expect something in the welfare center. But then, we were able to go in, and I was really surprised at that moment. It looked similar as a mart. There were café and a restaurant… because it was Saturday we couldn’t see people using them, but still it looked good. I didn’t know what was a welfare center till then, and I learned that a welfare center, is a center which is same as service center. It helps people to live a better and good life. And surprisingly, there were so many things the welfare center was doing.

When we went up to the second floor, this time I thought it looked like a school. There were auditorium …and a baking place and things that we can see in a school. And there were also places where people can tell their troubles or so. First floor looked like a mart and the second floor same as school? I was really surprised.

The third floor was half a mart, and half a school. There were places where we can exercise and places where we can learn interesting things like paper craft. It looked cozy and safe. I didn’t know, but there was even an elevator.

Because It was Saturday, there was just a few people who just worked there, and all of the rooms were locked. I also wanted to smell the scent of bread, which teacher told me. But I really like that welfare center, and I was really surprised. I never knew a welfare center will be that good. If I have a chance, I want to go there again, when there are many people in there.


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