Wolgye Welfare center
Emily Choi
When we go to the welfare center, I was really curious about the welfare center because I’ve never been to the welfare center, and this was the first time I visit the welfare center. I think it was great experience to me and from now on, I’ll introduce welfare center.
Wolgye welfare center is the welfare center that gives priory to the resident service, helping each other. There were many rooms and there was the counseling office which is for people who came from North Korea, who divorced, or people who need help. Also they can have baking class, or cooking class, etc. for free. There were many systems for children like studying room, piano room, Taekwondo room, etc. and these are all for the people who need help. And the most thing I was surprised was the systems for the olds. There was a place for dentist’s office which many students who are learning dentistry came to help them for free and there was also place for physical therapy that is always free and opened for people who need to get it. And they care even about the olds’ meal. They make meal for free to the 150 person at a day, and at the Saturday, they send meal to their home. I think this system is really great because they do it for volunteer work, so I think it’s really good and there is also program that send coupon to the people who is in need so that they can have lunch at the restaurant. Last thing I would like to introduce is the system for the children who are little bit different from us. They can be cured little bit by having piano, drawing class, etc.
Even though this was the first time that I went there, I learned a lot from here. I think this is really great place to help the people, suitable for the fame of the 3rd welfare center at the Seoul. If I can, I would like to do volunteer at the welfare center.


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