SAM_7483 SAM_7485 SAM_7490 SAM_7495 SAM_7496 SAM_7497 SAM_7502 SAM_7507 SAM_7512 SAM_7513 SAM_7515 SAM_7514 SAM_7519 SAM_7520 SAM_7535 SAM_7539 SAM_7537 SAM_7546 SAM_7548 SAM_7555 SAM_7563

 Here are some pictures I took from HoeGi Adventure. Though we say the HoeGi adventure was the worst observation we ever had through few months, doesn’t the pictures look good, eh?

 Oh Brent, why didn’t you let us know that we are going to Dong-Dae-Moon today beforehand??T_T

 I’m sure I could take LOTS of pictures today if only I took my camera with meㅠㅠㅠㅠ


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