When you look at the subway line map you can see the place where we visited today. This time we went to the Hoegi station on line number one. When you get out of the station, you can see many shops, restaurants. Even though this was worst adventure, I’ll introduce this place.
Hoegi station is really noisy and full of people. Because there are many shops and restaurants at there. But it was snowy so it was hard to go to the noisy place so we go up to the place where is full of the houses. That place was little bit better to walk. However, after long time of walking, we can’t find any interesting things, except the shop and restaurant, cafe, etc. But it was too cold so we planned to go inside to the one of the café. And we had a hot chocolate for each person. And it was very sweat and delicious and inside the café was really comfortable and warm. So it was very easy to discuss about our blogs, and projects. Even though this was our worst adventure, it was also good to discuss about things, with hot chocolate milk.
This time was little bit boring, but I think that if you visit Hoegi station with family or friends for eating or shopping, it would be very good place to play.


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