“Why do you come to library? Do you like coming to library? Do you like reading books…..”

Our class did a library survey . And we were separated as teams to work out. We all interviewed from 1st floor to the 4th floor. And we did the survey and interviews to some people who had a very different reason. And this is what we got.

I had to interview and survey the 1st floor first, and the 1st floor was a room for young kids. So I thought maybe they will refuse to do it because we were strangers, so we used candies. You know, the kids are really easy to make them do something by a candy. My first interviewer was jean’s sister. I didn’t know she was, but when jean saw her sister eating candy, she told me that she was jean’s sister. The things I asked to jean’s sister were;

l  How old you are?- 12 years old

l  Why did you come?- to read books

l  Do you like reading books? – I like comics more than novels.

l  Do you read lots of books?-yes

l  Do you like coming to the library?- yes

l  How often do you come to library? – Not often. sometimes

l  What is your favorite genre?-fantasy

l  Do you think reading books helps your future?- yes

Then I went to the second floor, and I didn’t need any candies because I interviewed and surveyed a librarian. And my questions were;

l  Do you think working as a librarian is fun?-yes

l  Is it hard?-sometimes

l  When do you think that you were smart to select the job ‘librarian’?-when the students finally reads novels instead of comic books. And also when I get to help the community and region as a librarian.

l  Why did you became one?-she liked books, so she wanted to become one.

l  Do you want to suggest this ‘librarian’ job to others?-sure. If you like books and also children, I do want to.

My last person to interview was in third floor, and she was also a librarian.

l  Why did you became one?-I got charmed by the things that the librarians can do, like helping others and giving information to the needed ones.

l  When do you feel fun while working?- when I see a reader get helped

l  When do you think that you were smart to select the job ‘librarian’?-I can learn many things from readers. And I try to get better by seeing users getting benefits.

l  Isn’t it hard to do? – Yes it is, we have to work till its 11o’clock, and because a library is a place where everybody can use, There are many happenings. So it’s hard to rid of it.

I really like interviewing and surveying people, and I learned some things from them. There were many different reasons for coming to library, and it was a good experience to know them.


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